What are the most killing types of cancer? When can we expect a cure? I think it kills to mutch...Just in my family there were three cases!

A complex question. Cancer is class of illnesses, not just one. Lethality of cancers varies- some are relatively rare but very deadly to those who get them (e.g. Esophageal), some are very survivable but so common that a lot of people still die of them (e.g. Breast, prostate). Colon, lung, breast, and prostate kill the most people. Therapies and screening are improving, but there is unlikely ever to be a single cure.
Counselor. Many factors influence how aggressive different cancer will be. Safer and more effective treatments are now available and keep getting better. Since you have a strong family history of cancer, it may be best to consult a certified genetic counselor to asses your risk. Also ask your doctor if you are current on all screening tests.