Crohn's disease, I think I've found the cause. Would a Coombs test tell if a too strong immune system is the problem. There's obviously more to it.?

Wishful thinking. There is no single cause of crohn's disease. Picture the bottom of a funnel. Into the top goes your genetics, diet, the air you breathe, drugs your mother took while you were in utero, and possibly even the drugs you have taken in your lifetime, as well as other facors. Out of the bottom of this funnel comes astma, ulcers, and things like crohn's disease. Your way of managing stress may count.

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Does Crohn's cause an overactive immune system or does an overactive immune system cause Crohn's? Stay away from foods that boost the immune system?

Roque immune system. I think one need to think more about a rogue immune reaction thereby causing autoimmune disorder instead of an overactive one. An autoimmune problem happens when the immune system malfunctions and starts attacking one's own tissue thereby leading to illnesses such as Crohn's disease, lupus etc. Read more...