What is done during a routin pap smear? This will be my 1st time

Don't worry. You will be asked to undress and placed into a gown. They will have you lay on the exam table and place your legs in sturips. The doctor will sit between your legs and use a speculum, a device to help view your cervix, and insert it into the vagina. Although uncomfortable, hopefully not by much and brief. Once the cervix is seen, a sample is taken with a small brush.
Limited by space. . You will lie down and place your feet in footrests ("stirrups"), and positioned by the doc/assistant. A speculum will be placed to open the vagina and reveal the cervix inside. The doc then collects a sample from the cervix by gently brushing, which can be a bit crampy. Finally, speculum is removed and using hands, the ovaries and cervix are felt. They should talk you through it.