My allergy doc says I may have Carcinoid but my CTabd/pelvis is normal, along with normal chest x-rays and chest angiograph. I get flushing on my shoulders, dermographism. I'm scared, she just drew blood.

Ct not very specific. Carcinoids can be small and produce symptoms (facial flushing, diarrhea, wheezing, fast heart)1/10 symptomatic and produce carcinoid syndrome.Over 2/3 of carcinoids are found in the gut, appendix most common sometimes in lungs.Most sensitive study for functioning carcinoids is indium 111 octreotide which is nuclear study that can localize small tumors.I123 mibg is another nuclear test for localizatio.
Carcinoid Tumors. Carcinoid tumors are a type of slow-growing cancer that can arise in several places throughout your body. Carcinoid tumors, which are one subset of tumors called neuroendocrine tumors, usually begin in the digestive tract (stomach, appendix, small intestine, colon, rectum) or in the lungs. Blood tests will help with the diagnosis.
Carcinoid. Has your doctor checked the level of 5-hiaa in your 24-hour urine? If that is positive (i.e. Abnormally increased) the next step should be localization of the neuroendocrine tumor that is producing the extra serotonin. Special ct, scintigraphy and/or MRI scans of your body may be required in that case. Of course, if 5-hiaa is normal other causes should be sought (stress, allergies, drugs, thyroid).