My partial cannot be adjusted to wear over 2 dental implants for aesthetics & function since made out of all vinyl (valplast)--not acrylic. Ideas?

Implants for partial. Depends where the implants are. And what the purpose of them is in the partial in the first place. Question is why valplast was used as a rigid partial of acrylic lends itself to much more rigid and stable partial. Suggest a remake with rigid material (ie regular acrylic) may be in order.
New denture. Valplast dentures are difficult to adjust and to add to. Unfortunately the only option is a new appliance.
Vaslpalst. I assume it is too thin. How about a temporary acrylic partial, a nesbitt type partial or an bonded bridge as a temporary.
Idea. Get a temporary cement able temporary bridge that can be bonded temporarily to the adjacent teeth. This can then be removed without damaging the adjacent teeth when the implants are ready to be restored. This appliance would be for show only not function.
Ask questions. There are ways to adjust valplast but all dental laboratory s do not know how to repair. Have your dentist contact a few different labs to see what they can do.
Valplast no adjust. Valplast can not be adjusted or added to...But the vinyl can have a new base. It's the biggest concern with this material. It is possible to reuse the teeth if they are not worn but ususally you will be better served by a new partial. My advise is bite the bullet and get on with a new partial! chuck.
UR young-start fresh. I'd first recommend that you start and consider an all new partial to connect to your implants. I'd also ask you to consider 3 implants instead of 2 as 3 will be stable like a stool/tripod and 2 are like a see-saw-retention will be good, but there will be wobble. The additional expense will be so worth it with the dramatic improvement in the quality of your life. My oldest implant patient is 92!
Get acrylic. Valplast is not adjustable, and a new temporary partial can be made out of acrylic.