Which type of filling is good to apply on front tooth, porcelain filling or resin filling?

Restorative options- That depends upon many factors, such as your bite, the size and location of the damaged or lost tooth structure, esthetic requirements and long term goals. Either one might be a viable option. What is best for your particular situation should be a topic of discussion between you and your dentist after the tooth is evaluated. The typical choices would be filling, laminate or crown.
See your dentist. Deciding which type of filling to use is best made by the patient and dentist directly in the office, taking into account the size and exact location of the cavity, patient history, cosmetic concerns and cost. Take care.
It depends. On the extent of tooth loss. Minimal tooth loss is easily fixed with a direct resin bonded restoration. For more extensive tooth loss or for complete tooth coverage, porcelain or ceramics are preferred. Resin restorations are also considerably more economical than ceramic restorations. Hope this helps and thanks for the question.