My boyfriend told me tgat he has been having chest pain on his left side he said feels like cramping over his heart is this bad?

Yes. Take him to the hospital - call 911. Don't drive him. One of the worrisome things this could be is a heart attack or blockage that would lead to a future heart attack. It may be something less serious but you can't take chances with this. His life may depend on it.

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Bad stomach cramps right above the belly button, chest pain in my left side. Heart burn or heart attack?

UNLIKELY HEART ATTAC. It is more likely to be gastroesophageal refluxwith or withot esophagitis.But there is possibility of chest pain related to heart, or pulmonary cause, or costochondritis you need to have it checked asap by your doctor with exam and ekg, and may or may not need endoscopy or a trial of acid suppression therapy depending on what your doctor feels it can be. Read more...