I want help withdrawing from fentanyl duralegesic patch. I have had two fusion surgeries in three years, the last one was on 10/17/11. It went from 200 mcg to 75 mcg. Ialso sweat terribly. What should I do?

Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, and a few patients will have significant withdrawal. Muscles aches, sweating, nausea can be blunted by coming off slowly. Work with your doctor to reduce your dose more slowly. Other options include suboxone, and other medication that help to lessen withdrawal symptoms.
Wean. Discuss with yr doctor but usually clonidine, gabapentin, +/- vistaril (hydroxyzine) for few weeks worrks wonderfully. Also try slower wean.
Seek professional he. Find help from a physician that either specializes in addiction or pain managment, perhaps a slower taper is needed or other meds can be utilized to assisit the process. This may be all that is needed if this is just physical withdrawal, if addiction is involved other help may be needed, bottom line see a physician knowledge in this area.
Some ideas. All opioid medication cause withdrawal symptoms if they are stopped quickly. The key is to reduce the dosage slowly, minimizing withdrawal symptoms. You've already gone throgh most of the withdrawal from 200 mcg to 75 mcg, but increasing to 125 mcg for several days by adding a 50 mcg patch might help. Catapres (clonidine) is a non-scheduled medication (patch or table) that can block the sweating, .