If you wear a condom and are safe can you still get any std, s HIV or any sti, s?

Yes. No method (besides abstinence) is 100% effective at protecting against sexually transmitted infections, including hiv. However, using condoms correctly (see box for instructions) is a great way of dramatically lowering the chance of catching something. It is always best to ensure your sexual partners have had a recent negative std check.
Safer, not foolproof. Properly used male condoms, with no obvious breakage, are close to 100% effective vs STDs transmitted by fluids (gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, hep B). They work less well against skin to skin transmission (HSV, HPV, syphilis), because of conact above the condom--but still much better than no condom. And infection through microscopic leaks or pores is an urban myth! No need for "water test" after sex.