I have had rpl. My doctor did testing but found nothing. I have new insurance that doesn't cover anything for infertility. What would be my next step?

Call insurance. Since infertility is defined as an inability to conceive you could argue you are not infertile (since you can conceive), many insurances will cover treatments for repeated miscarriages but do not cover infertility therapy. In our area bcbs is the only insurance that sees rpl as "infertility" rather than a separate diagnosis. So i would clarify benefits, then see a fertility specialist.
Unexplained RPL. Did you have a complete evaluation - that is always a question for me of new patients. If complete, did you have genetic analysis of the miscarriage tissue. If the genetics were abnormal then you might be a candidate for pgd to find a normal embryo for transfer. The chance of another loss is about 30% unless yo have had 5-6 losses and then prob. About 50%. Good luck, frustrating problem.