How can I prevent my infant from getting chronic ear infections that run in the family?

Prevention. The factors which seem to protect children most from getting ear infections are breastfeeding, not being in daycare, and avoidance of cigarette smoke in the environment. It is also recommended that babies do not feed lying flat on their backs. There is some evidence this may increase the rate of ear infections.
Prevention study. There is a study going on from boston university looking at taking sorbitol three times per day and whether the incidence of ear infections diminish. A finland study showed a decrease in the incidence of taking sorbitol with five doses per day. It works on chnaging some of the bacteria in the mouth-ear environment.
Ear infectin study. There are ear, or throat, or chest prone children. Avoid other sick kids at playdates or the library. Make sure your day care/school doesn't allow sick kids into class. Wah your hands repeatedly and have your child avoid rubbing their hands in the eyes, nose or mouth (common entry points for getting an infection). Also avoid bottle drinking on an infants back since this has been linked to infections.
Ear nfection prevent. You will find that there are chest children, sore throat children and ear infection children base on genetics and their anatomy. The first thing to prevent infections is keeping your child away from other sick children and tey to keep hands away from their eyes, nose and mouth. Also avoid chronic bottle drinking when lying down.Also get your shots i.e.Hib/prevnar, these have cut down on ear infection.
Avoid risk factors. Risk factors that increase the likelihood of getting an ear infection include: exposure to smoke (or other irritant particles in the air), attending a group daycare (catching colds and flus can lead to ear infections), and bottle feeding (breastfeeding lowers the chance of getting an ear infection).
A few things can hlp. Avoid day care, avoid second hand smoke, immunize on schedule, and hope for the best.

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Are there any good ways to prevent ear infections in my infant?

Options. While you can't totally control whether your baby gets any ear infections, we do know some risk factors that tend to increase them: being exposed to cigarette smoke, bottlefeeding in a laid-down position and attending daycare are among them. Seek your pediatrician's advice about other lifestyle choices you can make to keep your baby healthy overall. Read more...