I am as girl who have very dry skin, tried applying lots of moisturizers and creams, what can I do about it?

Timing. Use products that contain a large amount of oils, like baby oil, or petroleum products. Avoid products with alcohol. Use the moisturizers when your skin is damp-nothing adds moisture from the outside. The products only seal in what is already there. Be sure to drink a lot. Use a humidifier.
Cerave,efas. The use of ceramides can help trap moisture in the skin. In addition add essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil or a 3-6-9 blend to improve the skin from inside, .
Dry skin treatment. Dry skin can have many causes such as thyroid disease, oral medications, genetics, too many showers, to hot of showers, and drying soaps. Treatment can be with prescription moisturizers like urea creams, Lactic Acid and over the counter creams like cerave or restoriderm.