This is the 3rd day I been having abdominal pain, its like a menstrual type of cramp and havnt had a period in 2 years due to the iuc?

Get checked. Abdominal pain and the associated possibilities of diagnoses are endless. It is important to talk to a doctor to obtain a detailed history, a thorough exam, and tests that can confirm or rule out what we suspect you may have. Without this, we can only take an educated guess based on what's common. You may have ovarian cysts, pelvic infection, appendicitis, or, this may just be menstrual cramps.
May need to see Dr. If you have an iud, you are very unlikely to get pregnant. However, in the event a pregnancy does occur with an iud in, there is a chance it could be an ectopic pregnancy (outside of the uterus). Abdominal pain that continues or becomes worse should be seen by the doctor. There is also a good chance the abdominal pain is due to a non-gynecologic issue, such as appendicitis or kidney stones.