How can I keep my baby safe from ticks when our dogs bring them in all the time?

Tick check. The simplest way is to check your dogs for ticks before you go into your house and expose your baby to your dogs. Otherwise, it's best to separate the dogs from your baby, to decrease the risk of tick exposure.
Tips to avoid ticks. -treat your pet with a monthly flea and tick prevention program so that ticks will not be interested in your pet -perform daily skin checks on your child checking in the hair, behind the ears, in the groin, in skin folds as well as the rest of the body. (easily done at bath time) -in infants over 6 months, use insect repellent with 30% deet or 5-10% picaridin only once a day before going outdoors.
Check baby daily. Since ticks cannot transfer disease to the human host for at least 24-36 hours after attachment careful examination of your baby daily will allow you to remove the tick either prior to attachment or prior to transmission of infection.