I'm 40 years old and have very large pores on my nose...Is there a way to shrink them? An prescription or OTC treatment? They look like mini blackheads. Thanks!

PORES. Pores are not like doors. You cannot open and close them whenever you wish. Pores are the openings of oil glands; they are inherited; you cannot change their size. Oily skin & severe acne may make pores “appear” larger. Squeezing blackheads & pimples can lead to permanently widened pores. Toners & astringents can make them look smaller temporarily. And get rid of your magnifying mirrors!
Retinoids. Blackheads can be controlled by prescription acne medications such as ziana or epiduo used every night.
Retin a (tretinoin) Tretinoin will loosen blackheads gradually and removed the oxidize sebum, the pores will revert to a more normal appearing size. Phtodynamic therapy can shrink pores bit requires 4 sessions 4 weeks apart but is not covered by any insurance.