Hi there... Ihad a question posted here. Is there a cure for mild septal hypertrophy? Whats an ENT got to do with cardiology

Septal hypertrophy. is your interventricular septum of your heart not the septum if your nose. It only needs to be treated if it's consider to be hypertrophic heart disease and causing you symptoms like passing out or shortness of breath with exertion. The treatment at that point will most likely require surgery. It's a complex diagnosis talk to your doc for complete details. .
Medication. Depends on the cause. If you have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the septal hypertrophy likely will not go away. If it is secondary to hypertension (high blood pressure), control the blood pressure and it might go away. Ent folks generally have nothing to do with cardiology.
Mild hypertrophy. Mild septal hypertrophy means the middle wall of the pumping chamber in the heart is mildly thick. This is a common condition that can be caused by several factors like high blood pressure, obesity, sleep apnea, etc. If you treat the underlying cause the wall thickening (hypertrophy) resolves.
Yes. You can either have surgery or a per cutaneous septal ablation done by an interventional cardiologist. .
Depends. Mild septal hypertrophy , if without symptoms ( especially if there is no obstruction to flow) might not need treatment or at the most, if the individual has hypertension, treatment of such will help.
Cardiac hypertrophy. It will depend on which septal hypertrophy you are talking about. There are several causes including systemic hypertension and Hypertrophy cardiomyopathy . Different medications are recommended if you have mild to moderate symptoms and septal hypertrophy due to HOCM. .
Septal hypertrophy. Who gave you this diagnosis? How they came to this conclusion ? Was it with an echo and if this is the case this can be very nonspecific. Echo measurements should be index or adjusted to your body surface area. Do you have a heart murmur, weak heart or arrhythmias, any body in your family has the condition?
Septum is wall. Septal hypertrophy is not the wall between the nares but the wall between the ventricles of the heart. Septum is wall and hypetrophy is thikening.
Which septum? Hi mohda, your question is somewhat confusing. Are you talking about your nasal septum? In which case an ENT doctor can help with that. Or, are you talking about the septum in your heart? In which case a cardiologist would be helpful. .
Different. The septum they are referring to is different from the nasal septum. The mild septal hypertrophy is referring to the interventricular septum which separates the left and right ventricle. This just means it's a little enlarged. .
Septal Hypertrophy. Not for Mild septal hypertrophy. This is an issue that a cardiologist has to give you further recommendation after evaluating your symptoms and your imaging study likely echocardiogram. If there is no significant obstruction, gradient + symptoms caused by the septal hypertrophy. Monitoring is recommended. No cure for it for now, but medications to manage. IN future, Septal ablation,or surgery.
No. Need to be followed up by your cardiologist with serial echos. I am not what do you by ENT apparently there is no relation.
2 septums. Mild septal hypertrophy in your heart may be reversible. Most typically, if from high blood pressure, this may reverse with strict blood pressure control. Your nose also has a septum, the wall between the 2 nasal passages, and an ENT doc would deal with this (not cardiology).