What is the best natural way to lower male estrogen l?

Depends on cause. Answer depends on why estrogen is high. Obesity and alcohol use will raise body's conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Certain tumors of testes, pituitary, and adrenal glands may raise estrogen, as can chronic thyroid, liver or kidney diseases. Medications (several psychiatriac, anti-fungal, glucocorticoid) and drugs (marijuana, anabolic steroids) can also raise estrogen. Find out why first.
Lower estrogens? I am not aware of any male that requires his estrogen to be reduced. If something maybe he needs his testosterone to be increased. If the male has breast enlargement may be due to liver disease or some medications like spironolactone, or medicines for prostate cancer or enlargement. Increase in Estrogens is a therapeutic modality for prostate cancer.