I have a sore throat, phlem, nd a mild headache, my stomache hurts alittle too but no nausia. Is it possible I have a sinus infection?

Not as likely. Maybe, but all of those symptoms fit many other infections that are usually caused by viruses. Sinus infections are really not as common as folks may think, and even if present do not need antibiotics right away. For most of these kinds of problems, fluids, rest and other symptomatic care is first line for treatment, especially if just starting to feel bad. Follow-up if things worsen.

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I have been smelling smoke for a few days when there isn't any, and had a mild sore throat and slight drainage. Is this a sinus infection?

It could be post. Nasal drip related to a viral infection. Sinus infection is possible but often you would feel pressure or pain over the affected sinuses. A medical evaluation would help to accurately diagnose this if the symptoms worsen or are not resolving. Take care.

Do I have a sinus infection? My sinuses are killing expacially on my nose! My nose is stuffed up a lot lately and I have a sore throat and a lot of bo

See below. You likely have an upper respiratory illness but sinusitis requires at least 10-14 days to be considered bacterial (old recs) and per the american infectious disease society, 98% of all sinusitis is viral. Use a "netty pot" or the shower to clear out the mucous in your sinuses and chest and decongestants like sudafed and mucolytics like mucinex (guaifenesin). If any breathing problems, get see at once.

Work nurse said wife has a sinus infection. She had been taken biaxion and throat lounges. She has sinus drip, fever comes and goes. Sore throat. Any ideas?

She needs to see. Her physician or ear, nose, throat specialist. Might not be the right antibiotic since fever is recurring. The sore throat and postnatal drips are from her allergies. She needs to take any decongestant histamines with topical nasal sprays. Fever control for now till she sees md.