What are some homeopathic anti-spasmodics? Are they safe to take for a post ect therapy patient?

Not sure what u mean. By "homeopathic anti-spasmodics" for a post ECT patient? Dr. Kwok is right that homeopathic remedies over 12c potency contain no molecules of material substance. Remedies are an energy medicine made to interact with an energy part of you: your healing system. Many remedies can help with seizures, etc, but the single one needed is picked by matching to your specific experience & how it affects you.
There are no. homeopathic anti-spasmodics because homeopathic remedies have no active clinical effect. This is not surprising since most contain no active ingredient. The alleged mechanism of action of homeopathy is scientific woo woo that would overturn the known laws of physics if true. True homeopathic remedies are as harmless as they are useless, but some are not truly homeopathic so take care.
Save your money. Truly homeopathic "medications" are made by repeated dilutions, so that the ingredient is not really in the medication anymore (just the "essence" of it remains). That means there is no active ingredient left to cause any benefit. However, that also implies that the homeopathic "medicine" should be pretty harmless, unless some other non-homeopathic ingredients were added.