Is diabetes reversible with lifestyle changes?

Worth trying. Most diabetes is type 2, and lifestyle changes can have a significant impact there. It helps with type 1 as well, but prob not enough by itself. Weight loss, proper diet, exercise, decreasing body fat % can delay & prevent some complications & need for meds. Importantly, it's possible to see it coming before you're actually diabetic, and intervening then is even better. Talk 2 a doc who knows how.
Yes and no. It depends mainly on what type of diabetes.Type 1 dm needs insulin.Type 2 can sometimes be treated way at first, and can improve/"reverse".An A1c level helps see how long and how bad the dm has been.The higher it is the more likely meds need to be a part of treatment.But, for anyone with it should pay close attention to what they eat and doing some exercise.It takes real commitment but can pay off.
Genes & Environment. While there is as many as 100 or more genes that determine your susceptibility to Insulin resistance and type ii diabetes, whether or not you develop this condition is primarily dependent on environmental factors. Low glycemic diet, high in fiber, omega 3 and polyunsaturated fats, whole grains and no trans fats and reducing added sugars or refined carbs can help stave off type ii diabetes.