A fasting blood sugar of 130 mg/dl considered as diabetic? How to make it normal?

Lifestyle changes! That level is consistent with diabetes. The diagnosis needs another fasting or an A1c level checked (another lab to check glucose over 3 months) to confirm it and help guide your treatment. The foundation for managing diabetes is diet and exercise. Especially watch portion control, and cut out empty calories such as sodas. Be active! get close followup as dm is serious and meds may be needed too.
Diabetic. A fasting blood sugar > 125 means you are a diabetic. When blood sugars start rising in this way, ~60% of pancreatic function is damaged. The goal now is to preserve as much function for as long as possible, which you an do by losing 7-10% of your weight, eating properly (see dietician), and discussing with your endocrinologist or pcp whether or not you'd be a suitable candidate for metformin.