My prothrombin time is INR 1.3 with normal aptt and platelet counts. Do I have liver failure? Normal ast, alt, alp and bilirubin. Burns right stomach

Probably not. The slight elevation in the inr with normal labs for the rest of your liver functions suggests you don't have liver disease. The burning could be coming from an ulcer, or gastritis, or esophagitis. The body doesn't do a good job of localizing pain coming from the internal organs, so where you feel the pain may not be where it is.. Follow up with your doctor to check out different causes.

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Total protein 7.7, Albumin 4.0, total bilirubin 0.4, ALP 131 (norm up to 116), ALT 55, AST 24. Concern for liver failure? Doc said nothing onhigh ALP

Alkaline phosphatase. it is difficult to interpret labs without knowing the medical setting under which they were drawn. Having said that, there are many things besides liver issues that can cause a slight increase of alkaline phosphatase. I would recommend talking to your doctor about this, and perhaps having a repeat blood draw in 1 to 2 months. Good luck. . Read more...