Hi I am recovering from a 6month deep depression am on lovan60mg zyprexa5mg feel amazing now but scared of my sudden weight gain. Please help. Thanks?

Metabolic Syndrome. I'm glad you're feeling better. About a third of people who start zyprexa (olanzapine) will develop weight gain, diabetes, and high cholesterol as well. Weight gain with lovan (fluoxetine) is not associated with these things. See a doctor to check this. You will have to consider the risk of relapse vs the side effects. Perhaps you can slowly taper to weight neutral meds like bupropion or aripiprazole?
Exercise can help. Weight gain can happen after depression. Exercise and a good diet can help. I would suggest daily walking program. If you have access, you can work out with a personal trainer. Dr. Weil's new book, " spontaneous happiness" would be an excellent resource.