What can you give a four year old for a bad cough?

Meds. There are two brands of honey based cough med that I have seen. One is made by hylands. The other by zarbees. These are ok for a 4 year old. You can also try a vaporizer. You can prop him/her up on a pillow at night. Vicks is also ok to use. If the child has shortness of breath, severe cough, labored breathing, high fever etc. Then you better take him or her to the doctor.
Bad cough. You can try honey with tea temporarily until you can call your doctor for an appointment for your child to be examined to determine the cause of the bad cough and give appropriate treatment.
Cough remedy. Honey is a natural cough suppressant, you can give your child a tsp of honey or give her a warm tea with honey. Works as well as cough medication and cough medication is no longer recommended for a 4 year old.