When I walk briskly, the muscle on the outer leg between the ankle and calf cramps up so badly that I have to stop walking. How can I prevent this?

Calf cramps. Can be caused by a number of things including: poor circulation i.E intermittant claudication, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, vitamin deficiency, faulty biomechanics....
Foot type? If stretching doesn't reolve your problem, it may be caused by poor foot mechanics. Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the activity, good quality and not worn out. Shoes can be worn out without looking that way. If none of this helps see a podiatrist and get a biomechanical evaluation. A pair of orthotics may be the answer for you.
Activity modificatio. This may be either exertion all compartment syndrome, a bone stress reaction, or a tendon irritation. Aggressive pre-stretching of the area before activity is helpful as well as stretching for increased flexibility. However if pain persist, improves rapidly with rest and is accompanied by temporary tense swelling of that area then you may just have to avoid that activity and see a ortho sports doc.
Cramps. Do you stretch before and after? If not that may solve your problems. A lot of people that have a vigorous brisk walk for get to stretch.

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Upper leg calf cramp 2 days ago from swimming, hurts to straighten leg or flex foot and use heel to walk. Have always had tight leg muscles.

Muscle Pain. If there was no trauma like hitting your leg against the wall etc.Then it is pain in muscles after over use.It is common in people who do not do exercises routinely including swimming& your muscles are not used to it.With any kind of Physical Exercise you need to condition yourself.Starting small and gradually increasing the activity I suggest you rest your leg and take Ibuprofen or Aleve (naproxen) for Pain. Read more...

If I over use or sit down too long my leg hurts too bad to walk. My entire calf cramps up and my foot twists to the side unable to straighten it. Help?

See physician. You need a specific answer. It sounds like a nerve to that foot is compressed or pinched somewhere along its course. Have youyr physician evaluate it so you can get it treated and get the problem resolved. Read more...