White tongue, and just broke out in a flat rash on bilateral upper arms hot to touch, 2 swollen nodes for 2 months malabsorption, +ana +esr high IgG low vit. D, normal -cbc bmp CT abd/+chest, lymphoma?

Not necessarily. Need further investigation including biopsies of suspected areas to reach a diagnosis.
Doubt it. Lymphoma would have more abnormalities on ct. With a positive ANA and high ESR sounds more rheumatalogical and suggest you see a rheumatologist . Does not sound like a cancer of any kind with this information.

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Wouldn't 2 small palpable lymphnode on neck, , and random rashes be a reason to biopsy them? Hi ana, esr, igg, low v d, malabsorption, dr wont biopsy. Cbc normal. Ct chest/abd/pelvs normal, CT sinus norm

No need for biopsy. Good morning, small palpable lymph glands in the neck area are very common and biopsy is not needed unless they are abnormal in size and show different feel to touch. Keep the follow up with your doctor for additional as seen indicated. Read more...
Measure nodes, follo. Measure nodes and follow in two weeks to see if they change size or other places. How hi is the sed rate--crp. How are the rashes related--any joint symptoms. Good that chest ct normal, are liver or spleen enlarged? Read more...