My 7 month old sons penis stays poked in. Its difficult to clean and now its flaming red and bleeding. Could this be an error in the cirumcism?

Often simple soln. Kids often have enough low abdominal fat to make the penile head slip backward within remaning shaft skin & form an attachment like when the book pages stick together. Pushing back on scrotal skin to get the head to poke out for cleaning may stirr up some capillary bleeding around the attachment site.Petrolium gelly is soothing & can prevent early reattachment.This is common, review with babies dr.
Must be seen. If your family physician is not able to diagnose this, a pediatric urologist should look at it. While it may be something as simple as eczema, I am worried about a problem such as epispadias.
Possibly, unlikely. Description sounds like a "hidden penis". Most common cause is baby gets chubby, normal penile skin is very loosely attached & gets pushed forwards. Circumferential circumcision scar contracts & partially traps penile glans. Occasionally, too much skin was removed at circumcision. Either way, use Bacitracin or neosporin ointment for now & consult with pediatric urologist. Good luck.