Are pacifiers really bad for babies’ teeth?

Not really. Not great, but if discontinued by age 2 will probably not cause harm. Finger or thumb habit, especially if continued beyond age 4, can cause jaw deformation.
After 1 Year Old. Pacifier use can be beneficial for infants as they can help self soothing and may even reduce the risk of sids. However after the 1st birthday these benefits decrease and as your child 's teeth begin to appear, sucking on a pacifier can put pressure on the teeth and cause them to move from their normal position. Although not serious, this can increase the cost of dental care.
No. They have to be the right shape to not cause position change.
Not likely. Self soothing is an important developmental milestone & we hope kids move to acceptable forms as they age. Abrupt removal of a binkie is confusing and likely replaced with the thumb which is worse. Todlers may use their mouth for simple storage instead of a pocket, so a ribon clip can keep it near but out. Older kids can be talked into placing their prize in a ziplock bag or lucite box for safety.