Dark spots red patches itchy painful skin rash. Doctors said its a allergic reaction, they gave me steroids by mouth but the rash is getting bad?

Allergic rash. How long ago were the steroid pills given? They will take a day or two to work. It is important for you to be followed by an individual doctor so they can judge the course of your condition. Preferably a dermatologist but that may not be practical. There is also topical cream you can use. Also the dose of the steroid pills might need to be adjusted.

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I have dark spots, red patches, itchy painful skin rash. The hospital said it was a allergic reaction but couldn't figure out what caused it.

Allergic rash. See your dermatologist for evaluation and treatment of your rash. There are treatments that will work even if you don't know the cause of the rash. It will be important to be sure it is not a reaction to a medication. Allergic reactions can come from inside the body or from external contact agents. If your dermatologist suspects an external contact agent they can perform patch tests to look for. Read more...