My breast are sore I got my period last week and we have tryingg to concieve is there anyway I could be pregnant?

Possible? Probable? If you had a period, chances are you are not pregnant. Only a pregnancy test will tell for sure. Breast tenderness can occur for many reasons. Medications are prime causes for this. If in doubt, check it out! Get a pregnancy test.

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I had my last period 12 days ago, trying to conceive, these past 2 days I've had stomach cramps not really painful but mild, tender breasts, feeling like I've pulled my stomach feels bruised. Is it possible I could be pregnant?

It you had an. Actual period -then no, But, if you are uncertain if the bleeding was actuallyl due to your period - than go ahead and take a home pregnancy test now.
Pregnancy test. The benefit of menstrual cycle is also to help estimate the ovulation date. If a female have 26 days menstrual cycle and if 14days is subtracted, one will get day 12 which will represent the ovulation date. Most female can conceive 2days before and after the ovulation date. Conception usually occurs within 24 hours after ovulation. In your case, you can check blood pregnancy test after 7days.