Yes dr they have given me a beta blocker. But II really don't like meds. I'm on 12.5 mg atenolol. Still have some symptoms. Andc c hest pain in middle.?

Medications. Not sure i understand the question. But you and your prescribing physician need to discuss the relative risks against the benefits of the medication that you take. No one likes to take medications and persistent symptoms suggests that dose may be low or alternate medication may improve the symptoms.
Diagnosis? What is your diagnosis? There are 3 fda approved diagnosis for atenolol! 1.Hypertension 2.Angina 3.Post-mi cardiovascular protection. Im going to presume youre on it due to #2 and you still have chest pain! however your dosage is subtherapeutic. You should be on 50mg daily starting and maybe increased to 200mg daily.