I been getting really bad neck pains and headaches, and my vision seems a little off, could this all be caused from migraines?

It could. However, any headache with neurological symptoms (like visual changes) needs to be thoroughly worked up by your doc. This might include imaging (ct scan or mri) as well as some blood tests to rule out any really bad things before moving on to treating less serious things like migraine or cervicogenic headache.
Maybe. Your headaches could be coming from neck pain(cervicogenic) or they could be a variant of migraine. The visual problems in combination again may be associated with migraine, also.You need to see a doctor asap since all of these symptoms could also be related to an infectious process like meningitis. Altogether these symptoms seem to indicate a real problem.
Possibly. A thorough history and exam are needed to help you get definitive answers. Was there trauma/whiplash, is this a common occurrence, many different causes of headaches and many different types of migraines. See a doctor.