Hello, is there any long term complication for lumbar (l5 s1) discectomy and laminectomy for prolapsed intervertebral disc. Thank you?

Pain, instability. Discectomies work well in immediate pain control, but after some time (5-10 years) they may lead to instability and need for segmental fusion.
Second surgery. It is always possible to need an additional diskectomy if the disk re-herniated. It is also possible that you may require a fusion in the future is that segment becomes unstable. Don't think of your diskectomy as a cure. Remember that unhealthy disks herniate- healthy ones don't unless there's an injury. Diskectomy is very effective and I hope yours lasts a long time.
Assuming the surgery. Went well with no complications and your predominant complaint was more leg pain than back pain, the rate of any long term issues is a 1-2% risk of symptomatic scar tissue, a 5% risk of a recurrent disc herniation and a 10% risk of back pain. This is assuming you are a non smoker a smoking has a negative impact on outcome as does obesity.

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I had lumbar diskectomy laat week l4, l5 and L5 s1. Severe calf spasms no clot, do you have any pain relief suggestions?

Microdiscectomy. Residual L5 and S1 nerve root irritation. Add anti-inflammatory medications, neuropathic pain medicine (gabapentin), and muscle relaxers to eliminate the pain. Apply ice to the low back and consider a low profile back brace. The pain should resolve over the next week. If the pain persists then call your surgeon to exclude a recurrent disc herniation.

How much will I decrease in height after a l4/l5 & l5/s1 lumbar discectomy?

Probably not much. Modern diskectomy only removes the part of the disk that is ruptured (herniated, slipped) and a small amount of the disk in the area of the rupture. Virtually disks that rupture are already degenerating, so some height loss has already occurred before surgery. If more height is lost, it is due to continued degeneration and aging.

My husband underwent a laminectomy & disc l5-s1 was removed. Please suggest activities to strengthen his back. Is swimming good for the back?

Swimming is great. Once his back skin is healed well (about 3-4 weeks) swimming can be done safely and is a great way to strengthen his core to prevent reinjury. Light yoga and plank exercises are also good way to strengthen the core.
Various. Various exercise regimens would be acceptable. I usually suggest starting with low impact walking with gradual increase in distance. Eventually other modalities that may be helpful would include swimming, stretching, recumbent biking and pilates. Check with his surgeon about timing and selection based on the specifics of your husband's case.

I've had 2 surgeries on l5/s1, first through the back discectomy then a fusion through the front. What poss complications can I hv during pregnancy?

If the surgeries. Were uncomplicated there should be no bearing on your pregnancy or any increase of any risks related to pregnancy.
Not much. If your fusion is solid you should be ok with your pregnancy. As you gain weight you may be more prone to back aches or disk problems at l4-5 so stay in shape if ok with your obgyn. Also because of scar tissue an epidural at the time of delivery may be difficult and if you need a C-section your scar may not heal as well or a hernia can develop since they went from a similar approach for fusion.