If the nucleosomes (nuc) is positive in the ANA profile blood test, what exactly this mean? ?

Ana pattern. ANA patterns are often not reliable in diagnosing disease in practice. Pattern detection accuracy can also vary between different labs. Ultimately whatever results of an ANA that one obtains has to be interpreted in context of the patients symptoms and history.
It depends... The ANA report usually gives a titer (1:40, 1:80) as well as a pattern. It means that autoantibodies are present directed against nucleolar rna. Most common pattern seen in scleroderma or systemic sclerosis. Sometimes low titers are not diagnostic and need to be followed especially when the symptoms don't match up . Check with your doc just in case http://neuromuscular.Wustl.Edu/pathol/ana.Htm.
Lupus marker. The presence of anti-nuc / anti-ncs suggests lupus, and lupus nephritis, if the rest of the picture fits. Curiously, these autoantibodies also tend to pop up in rheumatoid arthritis under treatment with anti-tnf agents. I'm glad you are taking a proactive approach to your health.