What can I do for shoulder and neck pain?

Depends on the cause. It depends on why you have this pain. If its from excercise, you may need a good stretching routine. If its from hunching over a desk all day, it could be a question of improving your posture. For acute pain however, I have found heating pads with or without ibuprofen/motrin/aleve to be helpful. Acupuncture & chiropractic are also helpful.For chronic pain, physical therapy may be very beneficial.

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What can I do for chronic shoulder/neck pain? I don't have health insurance and it's been hurting for weeks.

Neck ; shoulder pain. You really have to see a doctor to find out the cause of shoulder and neck pain. You can go to open door type clinic. You need MRI of neck and shoulder. In the mean while you can use Ibuprofen or naprosyn (naproxen) plus bengay skin patch daily in between neck and shoulder. Thanks. Read more...