What are the survival rates for ovarian cancer?

Depends on stage. Unfortunately, the survival rates for advanced ovarian cancer remain poor, despite advances in treatment. The overall survival at 5 years is 46%. However, survival varies greatly depending on the stage at diagnosis. Those diagnosed at stage I have a 5 year survival rate of around 80%, stage ii is around 55%, stage iii is around 30%, and stage IV is around 10%.
Variable. There are many different types of ovarian cancers and survival depends of type, how far the cancer has advanced (stage) and each persons response to treatment. For the most common ovarian cancers, expect 95% survival at 5-years if early stage but less than 20% if advanced stage.

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What amount survival chance for 81 yrs old with possible ovarian cancer?

Depends on stage. A woman who is 81 years old has 9 additional years of life expectancy based on actuarial data. If her ovarian cancer is early stage and she undergoes successful surgery to have it removed, her life expectancy wouldn't change. Her other health problems, if any, will impact how well she does. The more advanced her ovarian cancer, the lower her survival. Best wishes to you and her! Read more...