How dangerous is a pituitary tumor?

It can be dangerous! If you have a pituitary tumor you need to make sure you follow up with your physician as directed. Unmonitored and untreated, it can cause a lot of problems.
It depends. Many pituitary tumors stay stable and do not cause problems. However, pituitary tumors are located in a small area which does many things for the body. Therefore, they should be followed carefully with periodic labs and mris. More aggressive tumors should have neurosurgical consultation.
Could be. There are many different types of pituitary tumor. Most are benign. However, by their size or location or type of tumor they may still be dangerous. Most are not dangerous and can be treated by pills, radiation therapy or surgery. Some pituitary tumors may never grow or create a problem.

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I have 2 benign pituitary tumors, are they dangerous?

Many factors. Mris are very sensitive at picking up the most tiny of pituitary lesions. They sometimes see very small, insignificant "tumors" in the pituitary that are not secreting hormones and will not cause problems. On the other hand, larger, secretory tumors may be of more concern. Discuss this with your endocrinologist. Read more...

I have pituitary tumor. I am really scare. It is dangerous, doctors?

They are usually ben. A vast majority of pituitory tumors are benign and can be controlled either with medicines or with surgery which is relatively simple and small surgery , done through the nose. But your endocrine specialist should guide you further as to what is the best way to treat it. You do not need to be scared. It is nothing like cancer(90+% of the time). Read more...
Mostly not dangerous. The vast majority of pituitary tumors are benign. They are treated based on size and type. Smaller (<1 cm) tumors that do not overproduce hormones (related to thyroid, adrenal, reproductive, growth, prolactin) can be observed over time. Larger tumors that cause headaches, vision changes will need surgery. Tumors that produce too much hormones will also need therapy. Find an experienced specialist! Read more...