Can an ear infection cause upset stomach?

Viral. Many ear infections are actually caused by viruses. These can cause a constellation of symptoms to include nausea.
Yes. Many ear infections are due to a viral illness that can affect the whole body, including the stomach. In addition, rarely infection in the middle ear may lead to inflammation or infection of the inner ear and balance system and can lead to dizziness, imbalance, nausea, and vomiting.

Related Questions

What does inner ear infection feel like? Can it cause lightheadedness, upset stomach, sob. Anxiety like symptoms?

Depends. A inner or middle ear infection (media otitis) can cause a whole spectrum of symptoms. Fever, pain, loss of balance (as the inner ear is integral in how your body interprets positional changes). If your balance is thrown off, then it is likely that stomach upset and nausea would follow. It is something that should be treated asap, as it can rapidly cause lifelong loss of hearing or impairment.

How do you stop an upset stomach from ketones when you flushed all them out. My blood sugar is 210 it came down from 500+ and on top of this I have an ear infection.

Problems. Your blood sugar level at 210 is way too high and needs careful attention. Your age is a critical issue. If your diabetes levels are less than about 70-150 and you have started the meds before age 30, that is OK. If your levels begin much later and your blood sugar is high you need even more attention. I don't know your age or weight but you MUST see an Endocrinologist.

Can ear infection cause stomach pain and vomiting in a 2.5 yr old? Have been to urgent care and was surprised at diagnosis of ear infection.

Not directly. Ear infections are one of the most common infection diagnoses in children. They can occur with or without related symptoms. In this case, it is likely the kid has an unrelated stomach virus. The ear infection was an incidental finding and may not have presented related symptoms for a few days if ever.

Stomach cramps with ear infection, what is this?

Possibilities: 1. Separate and unrelated. 2. Same virus caused both infections. 3. Cramps due to antibiotic taken to treat ear infection.

Can a baby (not a newborn) get more ear infections if he sleeps on his back or on his stomach?

The real.... ..Risk factor is drinking while lying on her back. Sleeping position has little if anything to do with ear infections.