What's the best way to stop drinking alcohol?

Consult a specialist. It can be very dangerous to stop suddenly if you've been drinking a long time. If you experience hand tremors, sweats, or other physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, the risks include withdrawal seizure, blood pressure spike, or other potentially medically dangerous complications. Get a free or low cost assessment at a treatment program, where detox meds can be givenalco if needed.
Counseling,Self cont. Most people can exert enough self control once they realize the dangers of excessive alcohol use.Besides damage to your health (liver, brain) and all of the other body systems, there is risk to life from drunken driving and failng to succeed at your job. If this rationality alone does not help you should seek professional help via counseling from a psychiatrist or join aa.
Many steps. Aa, drug and alcohol counseling, doctor supervision, treatment of underlying conditions (such as depression, anxiety and/or adhd). Hard drug to beat, but the accomplishment of sobriety is awesome.
Cold turkey. If you truly want to stop drinking alcohol the only way to do it is to stop completely all at once. You do not need to go it alone. Alcoholics anonymous has excellent support programs.

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2 stop drinking alcohol what is the best way to do it cut down altogether or slowly?

Typically slowly. Congratulations in making this decision! this somewhat depends how much alcohol has been consumed each day and for long. But typically, it is best to cut down a bit slowly so as to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal, which can be very severe in some people. Whatever you do, please make sure to not drive after drinking. It is often very helpful to enroll in a program like aa to have help. Read more...

How can you stop drinking alcohol?

Alcohol. Rehab programs & aa meetings, as well as deterrants prescribed by your doctor, such as Antabuse (disulfiram) or campral, and detox if warranted. Glad you seem sincere about quitting since you asked. Read more...

How might you help someone to stop drinking alcohol?

The individual. Needs to be willing to accept help. You can express your concerns (be specific). You can offer to drive someone to an alcoholics anonymous meeting or to see an addiction medicine specialist. But you can't make they stop drinking. Often you are planting a seed that may or may not come to fruition at a later date. Read more...

How long could anxiety last once you stop drinking alcohol?

Variable. There is not a simple answer for this question. Many people with alcoholism have been -using alcohol to self medicate anxiety, depression or other conditions. In that situation, detoxification will help rid the brain/body of toxins but will not resolve underlying mental health conditions. Anxiety symptoms may be more prominent as they are no longer being covered up by alcohol. Read more...