I feel stressed all the time and stuff and depressed?

What to do about it. Dr scheiderer covered the medical assessment well. Assessing & treating depression is necessary. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be very beneficial for depression. Psychiatric medications may be indicated. Additionally - spend time with relatives. Get outside more. Exercise everyday if you can. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Work on healthy nutrition. Investigate yoga or tai chi.
Help is available! A thorough exam (h&p, blood work including thyroid panel-not just tsh) a good start. For a woman in her mid 20s i also get specialty labs from a home kit- urinary neurotransmitters & salivary adrenal (eg cortisol) & sex hormones. Then based on the info i get, and your personal preferences, i discuss various options: lifestyle, psychorx, meds, supplements. More @ http://www.Integrativepsychiatry.N.