Fertility specialists, how likely is a 1 cent polyp in uterus to cause 1. Infertility 2. Miscarriage. Please take size of p into consideration w answe?

Low prob/easy fix. Not a great probability to cause infertility or miscarriage, but it's an easy fix and will improve your percentages. Often it can be fixed with and office or brief outpatient procedure to remove the polyp.
Polyps Infertility. Polyps are fairly common (about 10% of my infertility pts). We usually remove them because there is evidence that they cause infertility and they are easy to remove. The research links them to infertility and poss miscarriage but does not prove it. Thus controversy. Most fertility specialists i know would remove them before treatment. I hope this helps.
Very unlikely. Possible, but not likely. A polyp is essentially a soft skin tag ( unlike a fibroid) and may cause some irregular bleeding on occasion but is unlikely to prevent implantation/ cause miscarriage unless the embryo attempts to implant directly over it, again highly unlikely.