Fertility specialists, have a 1 cent polyp in uterus. Do u recommend trying to get pregnant first or go straight to removal and try after?  

Possibly. Even a 1 CM polyp in the uterus can be irritating to the lining and inhibit implantation or cause a miscarriage. If it is low in the uterus or in the cervix it causes less problems. Most people don''t know they have polyps unless they are having symptoms - irregular bleeding or had an ultrasound or hsg x-ray for fertility issues. If symptomatic it should come out first.
Yes. I would assume that you are aware of the polyp due to irregular vaginal bleeding or fertility issues, and thus in that situation you may want to remove it. Seldom these can have pockets of endometrial hyperplasia or cancer, which is more frequent in older women and those with amenorrhea. Sometimes a "polyp" my just be a piece of clot, fibroid, placenta or disturbed endometrium.