Can someone please explain a carpal boss removal surgery?

Result varies. This is a bony protrusion at the base of the metacarpals near the back of the wrist, usually due to arthritis. These can be removed, but ten to recur. Unless they are very symptomatic, i tend to leave them alone.
Remove spur. Carpal boss involves a bone "spur" where the hand bone (metacarpal) -- usually the middle finger -- meets the wrist bone (capitate). Surgery seems unreliable so be very aware! a cortisone shot between the tendon and the bone spur along with 2 months of very strict immobilization (that is to say a cast) actually does help a lot! be careful of surgery -- it's easy but not always helpful.
Carpal boss. Fairly straightforward in terms of technique, just involving removal of excess bone/cartilage typically at the base of the metacarpal. Having said that. I would not be in a rush to have it done as results are unpredictable as the bone/cartilage can grow back. I would explore all non-surgical options. Best of luck.
Carpal Boss. The surgeon makes a 2-3 CM (1 inch) cut across the area of swelling. The abnormality usually in the area of the base of the index and long finger arthritic part of the joint and the swelling over it is cut out. The skin is then closed. Then dressing is applied. This is typically an outpatient surgery.