I had endometriotic cyst and got a laparoscopic surgery four months back. Again I am getting the same kind of lower abdomen pain and lower back pain. Has it recurred?

Recurrence. Endometriosis is a chronic condition. Surgical treatment involves complete resection of endometriosis cyst and any other lesions. If not planning to conceive near future you should consider treatment with lupron (leuprolide). Everyone is different in how long symptom relief can be expected. I cyst capsule was not respected it will immediately recur.
Very possibly. Many such pelvic problems including pain, adhesions and fluid collections or cysts associated with endometriosis can relapse, either from adhesions (think scar tissue forming after the surgery) or perhaps from endometriosis returning. A visit with your doctor and an ultrasound could quickly answer the question of a recurrent cyst.
Possibly. Endometriomas can recur. Having an ultrasound done of the ovaries and pelvis will determine if it has returned or not.
Need rpt sonogram. Possible to form another cyst , most likely your pain is due to adhesions, go back to your gyn doctor will evaluate with sonogram and treat you , also will have answer. Good luck.

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