My 7 year old has a freckle and around the freckle there is a ring. Is this normal?

FRECKLE & RING. Is the ring white? If it is, it is probably a halo nevus. Quite common in children. No way to know without seeing. A nevus is the scientific word for mole. Also known as a birthmark. Called a birthmark, even if he/she didn't have it at birth. They are not malignant, but they should be seen, and followed, by your pediatrician or a dermatologist.
Common. White or pale rings around moles or freckles are common in childhood. At your next check up have your doctor examine it to confirm it is a 'halo nevus'. Sometimes the brown area in the middle will fade away. Your doctor will follow it over time for any changes. Brown spots which fade away in adults should be examined by a doctor, this may be something different than a halo nevus.