Is sheep placenta capsule good for woman who is going to have baby?

Anything to get ur $. There is no reason in the world to take a supplement of sheep placenta. None. Other than to transfer money from you to someone who's come up with a good story why you should take it. Spend your money on something that is more useful or enjoyable or save it for your child's education. And take generic Folic Acid every day while you're trying to get pregnant!
No, not related. Eating an animal's placenta, or any other part of an animal, does not have a predictable effect on a woman's body. Chemicals, hormones, and nutrients in food (whether in a capsule or on a dinner plate), are digested in the woman's stomach. If a woman ate large amounts of one animal organ, then problems can develop. If hormones are needed, fertility doctors can prescribe high quality exact amounts.