Can anyone tell me what "trauma" means? Is trauma a disease? And why does this have anything to do with the tongue? :) thank you very much.

=Injury. Trauma means injury. It can be emotional or in this case physical. Trauma to the tongue could be from accidentally biting it, having it irritated from a sharp or broken tooth, or perhaps even from a habit of running your tongue over your teeth repeatedly. Other examples are chemical burns or burns from hot food or remember that movie when that kid got his tongue stuck on a frozen pole outside?
Trauma means. Injury. In the oral areas it usually refers to an injury that penetrates, abrades, or tears the soft tissues. Examples w the tongue: biting your tongue would be an example. Having your tongue pierced creates trauma. Wearing a tongue piercing creates chronic trauma. Hope this helps.
Trauma means injury. Trauma comes in many forms like thermal chemical and physical.Examples we can bite our tongues, burn our tongues or eat something which chemically burns our tongue....