I keep coughing up blood?

See a doctor. Coughing up blood is not a good thing. Many things can cause this. If you have had a cold with frequent coughing, you may see some blood tinged phlegm but that is usually from irritation. If there is a history of night sweats, weight loss and/or fever I might be concerned for tuberculosis. Please see your doctor immediately if this fits what you have been experiencing.

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What is wrong with me? I keep coughing up blood and I feel all weak?

You must see a docto. Coughing up blood means something serious going on in the lungs. You need to be checked right away. You could go to an emergency room tonight or tomorrow or see your regular doctor tomorrow and get checked. They will need to do an x-ay of the chest and chek your blood countscbc).

Please advise what is wrong with me I keep coughing up blood and I feel all weak?

Hemoptysis.... Coughing up blood, called hemoptysis, is a symptom which must always be evaluated by a doctor. The most common cause is bronchitis. Tuberculosis, and other benign diseases, can also cause hemoptysis. However, malignancy can also cause this so see your doctor asap so this can be ruled out and you can be diagnosed and treated. If you develop difficulty breathing, go to the er! If smoking, quit!

Had a cough for a few months and I just started coughing up blood. What is wrong with me?

See your doctor. Having recurring illness is troubling. In order to achieve a specific and correct doagnosis with symptoms like this, you'll need to visit your doctor. Only after a face-to-face evaluation will he/she be able to properly diagnose and treat you.

Right side of chest and shoulder hurts, coughing up blood, headace, and cough that won't go away. Heeelp?

See below. Go. See your physician. There are numerous pulmonary problems it the differential diagnosis with your symptoms. A thorough history and physical exam is necessary. Good luck thank you.