It was not mild sedation. I was out. But I do not recall waking up during the procedure. However, the nurse at the procedure told me I opened my ey?

IV conscious sedy. You had IV conscious sedation. You remember little to nothing but were breathing on your own and able to open your eyes.
Normal. You had conscious sedation. The medications used will give you some amnesia for events that occured though you made response by opening eyes, moving and perhaps even having conversations. This is fairly well the norm. Isn't it wonderful. Many procedures are now done with lower costs, tremendous confort, perhaps better safety and I have had it myself. Enjoy the great sleep!
Perfectly normal! Some drugs in the valium family (benzodiazepines) actually cause amnesia. You may have been awake during the procedure and simply not remember any of it, which is great! another possible cause is that you had moderate sedation, as opposed to conscious sedation, and were dozing off, occasionally opening your eyes. Both of these are perfectly normal during sedation.
Anesthesia or no. This is the usual situation. Many wake up and do not remember. Some do. They did not have general anesthesia (ga) but had conscious sedation (cs) this is usually given by an rn not by an anesthesia person. If you want to be more sure you do do not remember ask for an anesthesia person to give mac. This is better drugs and still not ga. Mac is more expensive than cs. Less than g.
Possible. Your level of consciousness during sedation is different than your ability to remember what occurred during the sedation. You may have been mildly sedated and "awake" enough to open your eyes, without being able to remember that that had happened.
Anesthesia Awareness. Sometimes patients undergo "heavy sedation" which feels like, but is not, general anesthesia because they do not remember anything. Otherwise, patients can rarely (.1-.3%) experience some form of awareness during general anesthesia. Because of the amnestic drugs on board, you may not remember waking up (similar to not remembering events while drunk).
Yes. Can happen. Nothing wrong with it.
Sedation only. Anesthetics range from mild sedation to general anesthesia, with the lines being blurred for each level between. Often people won't remember anything due to medications such as Midazolam being given despite being able to talk and ask questions. On the other hand, awareness/recall involves being conscious under general anesthesia. The answer depends on what procedure was done and which meds used.