Safe medicines for gastroentrities?

Gastroenteritis. Depends on the age or if there are any other medical conditions present including the use of other medication. Children most doctors don't prescribe medication and let the illness run its course for risk of causing decrease intestinal movement( ileus ) and causing a toxic colon. In adults with no other medication or no illnesses there are multiple otc medication to take including Imodium (loperamide) or pepto.
Gastroenteritis. Most gastroenteritis are self limited( disappear by themselves) in less than two weeks.But it is important to keep up with good hydration either orally or intravenously. We try to avoid antidiarrheics meds in children and elderly if possible. In pts above 65 it's not recommended to use opiates (lomotil (diphenoxylat and atropine) or bentyl). If there is blood in the stool requires exam of the stool. If hungry... "bratty"diet.